The LMT Post-Advertising Brief

This is an exclusive service CareerOne is offering for those needing to post jobs for Labour Market Testing (LMT) purposes.

This is another step CareerOne is taking in cementing the fact we are the #1 choice for those needing to advertise for Labour Market Testing purposes.

Why choose CareerOne?

If you use the LMT40 code upon checkout not only do you save on your job posting cost, but we are now also helping by providing the evidence needed for all LMT jobs advertised on CareerOne.

We have quickly become the preferred choice for Labour Market Testing amongst advertisers as we have dedicated support to help those needing to advertise specifically for this purpose.

Our dedicated support team are well versed in your needs and the latest in Labour Market Testing information.

What you’ll receive?

A formatted LMT letter clearly showing the following:

  • Job ID:
  • Job Title:
  • Job Type:
  • Job Location:
  • Date Posted:
  • Date Expired:
  • Salary:
  • Ad Views:
  • Applies:
  • Successful Candidates:
  • Unsuccessful Candidates:
  • Direct URL:
  • Invoice Number:
  • Advertiser Ad ID:
  • Amount Paid:



CareerOne is committed to helping all our advertisers and furthering our understanding in this space.

If you would like to share any insights or exchange information, please reach out to our resident expert Paul Dinh.


Paul Dinh | Head of Sales

[email protected]

M: 0410 750 468

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