4 ways to attract candidates who aren't looking for a new job

Some companies often experience challenges when hiring new employees. It takes them more time to fill some positions, no matter how much they try. Sometimes, even posting on multiple job boards will not attract the best candidates. Yet, you want to fill the position faster and save time.

Such positions often require specific skills, and that is why getting the right person becomes challenging. Luckily, there are strategies you can apply to attract the right person. Below are several factors and tips for your search.

Build a Strong Brand
No doubt that building a strong brand can help you attract the best candidate to your organisations. People always want to associate with stronger brands because of various factors such as good salary, job security and career growth.

Building your brand will prove to your target candidates that your organisation is credible and reputable. It makes your company stand out from the crowd and quickly draws the attention of suitable candidates. The most talented candidates will come looking for you instead of the other way.

Be More Social
Today, most potential candidates are all over various social media platforms looking for employment. You can leverage social media to promote your company and attract prospective recruits.

Post videos showing the vacant positions and the benefits attached to them. You can also post more videos and photos showing how your organisation looks. This is a critical consideration that helps your potential candidates to start visualising working in your organisation.

You can post profiles of existing employees in the video footage showing various community events. Use this opportunity to demonstrate your company values to enable your potential candidates to start picturing out what they should expect once they join your organisation. It is a great motivator that attracts the right people to your company.

You can also leverage your website to post valuable content on your careers page. Be consistent in doing so until you get the best candidates.

Encourage Your Staff to Refer Suitable Candidates
Your current team members are the backbone of your business. They understand the company culture in-out and can be good ambassadors for your business.

When looking for potential candidates for hard-to-fill positions, it is critical to involve your staff throughout the hiring process. The team can be your advocates on your social media accounts and also through word of mouth.

They can build an extensive network of potential candidates from their experienced family members, friends or even strangers. When you post content on your social media pages about your open vacancies, encourage your team to share it on their social media handles and spread the word across.

Also, your staff can post and tweet about how amazing your company is and how it is good to work for you. This is one of the quickest strategies to attract potential candidates to your company. It encourages many people to reach out, enabling you to get highly qualified candidates.

Get in Touch with Previous Employees
Never burn bridges with your past workers. Always strive to stay connected because you might need them in future. They might also be the best fit for the position you are looking to fill. Always keep them updated with the current developments within your company.

Probably, they acquired more skills after leaving your organisation. Reach out to them and find out if they possess the skills you need for the new position.

If they possess the right skills, do not hesitate to employ them. They might be the perfect candidates you’ve been looking for.

The Bottom Line
Using the tip above can help you to attract the right candidate and fill the vacant position. You will be surprised how applying the strategies will attract more candidates than you ever expected.

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