Union recruitment drive for passionate staff

push for collective bargaining power

The Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Union is on a major recruitment drive for passionate young people ready to campaign for low paid workers.

One of Australia’s largest unions, the LHMU, represents cleaners, childcare workers, hotel and hospitality workers.

The union has launched a new website – JobsforJustice.org.au – as part of its campaign to attract 20 new recruits in Victoria with hires to follow in other states.

A spokesperson said the LHMU is offering a starting salary of $53,000, which includes salary and a car allowance, and a career pathway that moves from ‘Organiser’, ‘Lead Organiser’ to ‘Campaign Director’.

The union says it has "growing" and needs the new recruits to cope with "substantial" projected membership growth. LHMU campaigns designed to win respect and justice for its members include Big Steps in Childcare, Better Jobs, Better Hotels and Clean Start – Fair Deal for Cleaners.

Many of our organisers are under thirty. Their passion and commitment to fighting for justice for low-paid workers has been crucial to our union growth and success in recent years LHMU State Secretary Jess Walsh has told media.

Young people have shown through the Your Rights at Work campaign [used to criticise the Howard Government’s WorkChoices legislation] they care about fairness at work and in their society.

Now we offer them the chance to turn that passion for a fairer Australia into an exciting and rewarding career, Mr Walsh said.

The JobsforJustice.org.au profiles some of the LHMU young organisers and outlines the entry criteria for the roles, which includes being passionate about the union movement, willing to work long and unpredictable hours with some background in activism preferred.


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