Top signs of a bad job candidate

Finding the right person to fill a job position can be a long and arduous process, so it pays to spot a bad candidate as soon as possible. Here are some key signs to look for at the initial interview with a job candidate.

1. Punctuality
When a job candidate is unable to get to the interview on time, this says a lot about their competency and work habits. Unless there was a major accident or other disaster that prevented them from getting to the office on time, this should raise a red flag.

2. Candidate lacks enthusiasm
Some job candidates don’t really want the job in question, and others simply don’t like to work. If the candidate seems to lack enthusiasm or has a lethargic energy level, this is likely to reflect in their work habits and productivity. The last thing you want is a lazy, unmotivated employee.

3. Poor language skills
In a corporate or office job, it’s important that employees have a decent grasp of correct grammar. Poor grammar also is a clue that the candidate has poor work habits in school or just doesn’t apply effort to be accurate or detail-oriented. Bad grammar is a good reason to check on the candidate’s academic records to determine whether the information is genuine or misrepresented on the resume.

4. Lacks knowledge about the company
An employee that doesn’t take some time to learn about the company before the interview sends some warning signals. They either don’t understand the importance of being informed about the job they’re applying for or they lack the motivation to put forth the most minimal effort to acquire a job.

5. Bad appearance and grooming
A person who doesn’t know how to make a good impression with their attire and grooming sends a signal that they lack competence and social skills. The candidate should come dressed appropriately for the job for which they’re applying. This communicates that they understand what is required for the job. When a person takes time and effort to look presentable, it also demonstrates their work ethic and enthusiasm.

6. The candidate lies
Many candidates are desperate to find work, so they resort to lying in order to obtain employment. Psychologists say that all people lie, but in a job candidate, you have to be wary of candidates who place blatant falsehoods on their resume. Make sure to check the accuracy of their previous places of employment, and verify their academic records. Even if candidates don’t tell blatant lies, they might tend to exaggerate or bend the truth about their years of employment and their performance at previous jobs. It’s important to know the difference between a polite “white lie” and a serious misrepresentation of the candidate’s fitness for the position.

7. A self-centred personality type
You want candidates who are self-motivated and career-driven, but they also need to be able to function well as a member of a team. When asking the candidate about their experiences at past jobs, it’s a bad sign if they only talk about themselves and never talk about their role within the team or mention other team members. Disparaging remarks about others is another sign of this detrimental personality type.

When searching for the best person to fill a position, you probably have a clear idea of the perfect candidate. However, when sifting through numerous candidates, most of the work involves eliminating bad candidates. It’s important to know how to weed out poor job candidates in order to save time and resources for your business.

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