Finding a candidate that fits within your company culture

When you hire people for your company, you have to make sure that you are hiring the right candidates. A very important part of this is determining whether applicants fit into your company’s culture. Here are some ways to tell whether an applicant fits into the culture of your company.

Ask Certain Questions
There are a number of questions that you should ask applicants that relate to their views and mindsets. For example, ask them what their ideal work environments would be like. Ask them about their preferred work styles, as well as what they think the ideal boss is like. You can also ask them about what their goals and interests are, as well as where they see themselves in a certain amount of years.

Meet In A More Informal Place
Job interviews at workplaces can feel very pressured and uncomfortable. This is why it may be a good idea to interview applicants in more informal settings such as coffee shops or restaurants. Interviewing in more informal situations may make the experience more comfortable for both the interviewer and the interviewee. It may also make it easier for the interviewee to express himself, and the interviewer to properly judge the person’s character and how well the person would fit on the team.

Do An Online Search And Look At Social Media
A great way to see whether someone is good for your team is to search the person’s name on the internet and see what comes up. It is also wise to look at their social media profiles. By finding information about them through the internet, you can better judge whether they are right for your company or not. Through an internet search, you may be shocked to find out that an applicant may not be as well-adjusted to work on your team as you think.

Introduce Them To The Team
If you want to see whether a candidate meshes with your team, it is wise to introduce the candidate to the team. Take notice of how the candidate interacts with team members and whether the proper chemistry exists.

Give applicants a personality test so that you can get an idea of where they stand in terms of emotions, virtues and values. You can include any question that you think is relevant in making a judgement. The questions can be very straight forward, or they can be the type of questions that are supposed to imply whether or not a person has a certain mindset.

Explain The Culture Of Your Company
It is important to explain the culture of your company so that you attract the right kinds of applicants. Explaining the culture of your company is also very important because applicants must know what is expected of them. It is unfair on your part to expect applicants to know what the culture is if you haven’t explained it.

Judge Values, Not Background
When assessing applicants, make sure that you judge them on their values and not their backgrounds. A person may have the best skills and may be the best fit for the culture of your company, regardless of his affiliations or background. You have to see through any personal prejudices that you might have about a person’s background and truly look at whether the person clicks with your company.

Have Numerous Interviewers
It is important to have more than person interviewing applicants at any time. Each person has a different perspective and one person might see something in an applicant that another person doesn’t. It is also good because you can see whether an applicant is able to gel with more than one person at the company.

In conclusion, this is how you can tell whether or not an applicant fits into the culture of your company. You should have numerous interviewers during interviews, introduce the applicants to the people who already work for your company, refrain from judging people based on their backgrounds, explain the culture of your company, ask questions, do online searches and meet in informal places.

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