Protection Against Scams

What is a scam?

Occasionally, websites are targeted by people who post illegal ads to extract personal or financial information from you. The ads appear to be genuine, it is only after you have responded as an applicant or asked for more information that their behaviour may become suspicious.

Sometimes, emails are also sent out claiming to represent an advertiser, or even CareerOne. They may provide you with links and ask you to confirm your details by clicking on the link, or going to a web page and entering information.

How can I protect myself?

CareerOne takes every precaution to prevent scam operators from advertising on our website. However, to protect yourself, please follow these general guidelines:

  • Never provide your bank account, credit card details or Tax File Number, as part of a job application.
  • Be wary of people or organisations that ask you to pay an up front fee for ‘processing’ your application.
  • Never divulge non-work related personal information, such as your appearance, marital status or Drivers License number.
  • Think twice about opportunities that seem ‘too good to be true’, as they usually are.

Also beware of emails that appear to come from CareerOne asking you to:

  • Go to a website and verify your username or password.
  • Urgently log into your CareerOne account and update your details.
  • Confirm bank or credit card details related to your account.
  • Confirm the IP address from where you are accessing

It is also recommended that you update your anti-virus software regularly to protect your computer system.

What should I do?

Please report any suspicious employment advertisements or advertisers to CareerOne immediately so we can take appropriate action as quickly as possible.

Further information

Suspicious ads can also be reported to the following authorities:

Federal Government Website – where you can also obtain further information regarding scams.
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission – types of scams, what to look out for and how to protect yourself.
FIDO – ASIC’s Website listing popular scams and how to avoid them.
Australian High Tech Crime Centre: learn more about online scams.
Report fraudulent activities to the Australian Federal Police.

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