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By using the following four tips you will enhance the performance of your job posting:

  1. Think like the job hunter when choosing your job title
    When composing your listing try to think like the job hunter by using a job title that your prospective candidates are likely to search for (e.g. rather than "reception/admin" use "receptionist"). If the words that the job hunter searches on are in your job title your posting will achieve a better search results page position. This will increase the opportunity for your job to be viewed by job hunters.

  2. Use the job title and related keywords regularly throughout the job posting
    Most job hunters search by using keywords (e.g. the job title) By using the job title regularly throughout the job information section you will increase the likelihood of your job being viewed when job hunters search via keywords.
  3. State the key benefits of the job in the first ~170 characters of the job information section
    The CareerOne search engine uses the first ~170 characters of your job posting to automatically generate the short summary that will appear on the search results page. This will attract candidates to view your entire job posting. By ensuring that the first ~170 characters of the listing states the key benefits of the role (e.g. salary, perks, flexible working practices, nearby transport links, etc), your job posting will entice job hunters to view the entire job posting.
  4. Think like the job hunter when composing the job posting
    Job hunters need relevant information to help them to decide whether to apply for your job. Your job posting should contain the following information:
    • Job title
    • Salary
    • Benefits
    • Specific location
    • Key projects/tasks performed
    • Key attributes required to get the job
    • Reference to the application process

By incorporating all of these aspects you will provide the candidate with the information that they need. This will increase the likelihood of applications.

For more information on any of these tips contact the CareerOne Service Desk.


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