Upgrade Your Experience: Upgrading To a CareerOne Supported Browser

Why upgrade? Good question. Browser versions are frequently updated to offer new features, address problems, optimise performance, and most importantly, ensure security.  Therefore, it’s good practice to upgrade your browser whenever the most recent version is available.

At CareerOne, we’re constantly optimizing our site to be in line with current web standards and user trends.  To ensure this, we support a limited set of browsers that best match and meet our performance requirements.

You’re receiving this message because we’ve noticed that your current browser is out of date and will be no longer be supported by CareerOne in the near future. In order to plan ahead and take full advantage of the features on CareerOne’s site as well as ensure optimal security, we recommend that you upgrade to a CareerOne supported browser or version.

This way you’ll get the safest, fastest and best CareerOne experience possible.

The following list contains links to CareerOne supported browsers organized by platform. Click on the links to go to the sites where you can safely download the latest browser versions for free.

Supported on PC:



Firefox V.3

Safari 2 & 3

Supported on Mac:

Safari 2 & 3

Firefox V.3

Related browser issues: Mac users do not have access to the formatting toolbar during the job posting process. Mac users may experience issues with copying and pasting job description text, including the appearance of unwanted characters and HTML code. Please remove unwanted characters/code prior to submitting the job posting.

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