What really is work-life balance

Simply put, work-life balance is the state of equal harmony between a person’s working hours and non-working hours. A person achieves work-life balance when they can feel accomplished in their job and fulfilled in their personal life at the same time. Although many employers have worked for decades to improve the work-life balance of their employees, they often stumble. A big reason for this is that not everyone achieves this type of balance in the same way.

Because we all have different lives and lifestyles, each person’s work-life balance is unique. It can vary from day to day, or it can change as your circumstances change. Whatever the necessary balance, there are things you can do to improve it.

Find a Job You’ll Love
This doesn’t mean that you have to enjoy every waking minute that you’re at work, but it does mean that you shouldn’t feel trapped in a job or dread waking up in the morning. The basic rule of thumb is that you should consider moving to another job if the one you have is emotionally draining you. Key signs of emotional drain include feelings of weariness or trouble doing the things you enjoy outside of work.

Set Realistic Goals
Work-life balance is something that takes time to achieve. It also takes realistic thinking regarding what you should expect from work. Think about what you want to achieve each day rather than focusing on long-term goals. Some days, that can mean tilting the balance towards more work or time with your family.

Keep Your Health First
Many people overwork, which can lead to a decline in both physical and mental health. You shouldn’t be so obsessed with your job that your personal issues end up being ignored. If you’re going through therapy for depression, then fit your sessions into your schedule instead of postponing them. Take time off of your schedule for daily exercises. If you have chronic health issues such as pain and can’t work that day, don’t be afraid to call in sick.

Make Time for Your Personal Needs
As odd as it may seem, you should try to schedule one-on-one time with your family members in the pursuit of work-life balance. If you don’t set aside personal time, then you’re more likely to be absorbed in your work at all times. Regardless of how valuable you may appear to your employer, no one is irreplaceable at work. On the other hand, in the eyes of your family and friends, no one can replace you.

Go on a Vacation
Over half of all employees are afraid to use their vacation days because they don’t want to disrupt work flow. Even so, it’s better for you to take time off from the grind of working every day. Many employees feel a lot better about their job after having a vacation. If you’re still worried about causing disruptions, then there are ways that you can plan ahead and reduce any potential backlogs.

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