Top work perks you should be offering to your employees

One of the most important components of running a well-functioning business is keeping employee morale high. An excellent way to accomplish this is by offering work perks for your employees. Today, we’re going to look at 11 work perks that will enhance the success of your business.

11. Free Dining

An amazing perk you can provide employees is free dining in your corporate office. This will help employees feel comfortable in their work environment. Additionally, it can help your employees choose healthier dining options as opposed to fast food.

10. Paid Time Off

One of the favorite perks of employees is PTO. Employees love enjoying the time to spend with their families, relax, and enjoy themselves. Additionally, there is evidence that indicates providing employees more time off can boost their productivity. If you’re looking to be generous to your employees, consider offering four to six weeks of paid time off annually.

9. Financial Rewards

One of the best company perks that you can offer employees is a financial reward. You should look for employees who are hard-working, well-liked by their peers, and who bring success to your company. Financial rewards can come in the form of promotions, bonuses, or incentives for being the top sales representative.

8. Health Insurance

Health insurance premiums have risen rapidly over the last decade. Due to this trend, workers are looking for a company who can provide them with an excellent health-care plan. Additionally, offering this commodity to employees is a spectacular way to boost morale around the office.

7. Career Development Training

Many employees, particularly those just beginning their career, are looking for opportunities to grow within a company. Career development training is a premier way through which your business can offer this highly sought after service. Many employees will look to take advantage of this training to enhance their careers. As another benefit, employees who go through this training are often more effective at their job.

6. Australian Super Fund

Millions of Australians don’t have retirement savings or even a plan to start saving. Therefore, one of the best services you can provide your employees is a Super Fund. Providing a Super Fund is an excellent way to retain employees and look out for their future needs.

5. Team-building Events

Team-building events are a commonly overlooked perk that you can provide your employees. Team-building events focus on providing employees with fun, engaging activities that require them to work together as a team. A few examples of team-building events include cooking competitions, playing two truths, and a lie, go-kart racing, and many others. Not only do these activities boost team morale, but they also help your employees develop team-skills.

4. Fitness Centre Access

One of the main complaints voiced by employees is that their companies don’t care about employee health. An excellent way to look out for the health of your employees is to provide them with free fitness centre access. Depending on the size of your company, you could offer gym memberships or create your own gym.

3. Help With Student Loans

Now more than ever, Australian graduates are straddled with enormous amounts of debt. For employees just entering the workforce, an excellent incentive you can provide is student loan forgiveness. Paying off a portion of their student loan debt is an excellent way to demonstrate loyalty to your employees.

2. Company Equipment

A simple, yet effective perk that you can provide employees is company equipment. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but offering company coffee mugs, polo shirts, technology, and more is a great perk for employees.

1. Complimentary Childcare

If you have the resources, an excellent way to provide your employees peace of mind is through offering complimentary childcare. If you can get licensed, this is a great way to reduce the stress of parents and increase happiness in the workplace.

Hopefully, this post has allowed you to glean some valuable information about how these 11 work perks can maximise employee success. If you are looking for a way to reward your employees for outstanding work, consider using one of these methods.

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