How to Secure Top Talent in a Cautious Market

How to Secure Top Talent in a Cautious Market

High-achieving individuals have an incredible impact on a company’s success. With many lives affected by the COVID-19 pandemic globally, candidates’ needs and priorities have changed. The coronavirus has resulted in candidates adapting to the new norm. Many people are more worried about job security and the uncertainty in the job market.

Employers are struggling to secure top talent. Appealing to the right candidates has become a daunting task for many organisations. Most companies seek to secure top talent. Organisations are re-strategising their scouting approach to remain relevant in their niches. Here are a couple of factors to direct you towards securing the crème de la crème in the cautious market:

• Re-strategise the employee value proposition
With the on-going uncertainty due to the COVID-19, employers need to be clear and straightforward about what they offer candidates. They should advertise the real deal to attract the right talent and suitable candidates.

To get the right talent, companies need to communicate about their organisation’s culture. They need to consider other factors that employees value besides money. They should factor in their employees’ mental health and wellness to attract the right talent.

• Be open and clear about your organisation’s performance
Top-talent candidates know they have what your company is looking for. To secure such remarkable individuals, you must be credible enough to gain their trust. Highly skilled and talented individuals need to know what they are getting themselves into.

To tap into such talent, you have to be honest and open about your organisation’s performance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Talk to the candidates about how your company changed culturally and financially. It helps the potential candidates make informed decisions knowing what to expect from your company.

• Ensure expectations and roles align
Candidates’ and employers’ behaviour has changed since everyone has been forced to adjust to the new norm. As an employer hiring top professionals, it is critical to understand your candidates’ purpose and needs.

Talk about your organisation’s learning and developing opportunities. You should express what you expect from the candidates and ask what they also expect from the company. Having your roles and expectations aligned makes it easier to attract the most suitable candidates.

• Plan ahead
Some candidates are focused on job security, while others are looking for the most suitable roles. While planning, you must also look inwardly. Some companies spend a substantial amount of money and resources to tap talent overseas. Yet, they can look internally and settle for the best candidates.

Organisations need to give opportunities to existing employees. They need to develop rich internal mobility programs. It enables them to work with the best and most talented individuals within the organisation.

• Market your brand effectively
It is critical to brand your organisation and market it. Top candidates usually want to be part of the winning team. You have to market your company to show you have what it take to secure the top talent.

When hiring quality talent in the cautious market, you must market and brand your company to stand out from competitors. The majority of candidates or job seekers are doing in-depth research on potential employers. Therefore, you must prove why the top candidates fit well with your organisation.

Bottom line
With many top candidates evaluating and re-adjusting their careers, employers need to go the extra mile to attract the right talent. They need to work on the strategies that can help in hiring the appropriate candidates to meet their needs.

Despite the challenges faced due to the uncertainty, organisations need to ensure they tap the right talent to strengthen their people strategy. With a strong people strategy, companies secure the right skill and talent to elevate their business.

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