How to ensure your employees aren't procrastinating at work

Managing an office or an entire business requires more than the ability to ensure the satisfaction of customers. Ensuring the overall productivity of employees as well as their workplace satisfaction is just as important to help with providing customers with the top-notch customer service they deserve. When you manage a workplace, there are a few ways to ensure your employees are not procrastinating to help maximise workplace productivity at all times.

Consider Triggers of Procrastination

Consider procrastination triggers for each individual employee you have hired who is struggling to remain productive throughout their workday. Are any of your employees struggling with an illness, an issue at home, or even financial struggles? Have you noticed a decline in productivity due to working as a group or allowing others to work solo? Take into account your workplace’s current atmosphere and environment while also assessing potential triggers throughout your office that may be contributing to the overall decline in productivity you are currently experiencing.

Praise Positive Happenings in the Workplace

Praising positive actions and positivity in the workplace is a great way to boost workplace morale while also providing employees with additional incentives to work harder each day. Praising the positive work you see done is a great way to keep employees motivated and looking forward to their jobs.

Rather than only focusing on or highlighting the negatives your office encounters, change your own way of thinking and managing. Employees who are praised more often may feel less inclined to slack off or to lose focus of the current tasks they are taking on. When an employee feels valued and appreciated, especially in front of their own peers, they are much more likely to take pride in their work and with the company they represent.

Use Accountability Software or Apps

Accountability matters when it comes to ensuring productivity in the workplace. Consider implementing various accountability programs or apps for all of the employees in your current office or work space. Accountability software or downloadable apps can help to keep all employees on track while monitoring any procrastination that is happening in your office in real-time.

Accountability applications or management programs are extremely helpful to ensure all employees are on the right track and remaining productive without feeling lost, confused or overwhelmed. Not only are accountability programs and apps optimal for keeping track of work time and productivity, but they can also help with improving communication throughout your workplace. Allow employees to communicate with one another regarding the work they are currently completing or any projects they have taken on as a group with the right accountability app or program.

Get Involved in the Process

Joining in on the process of working with your employees to complete daily tasks or major projects is one of the best ways to minimize procrastination in the workplace. When a boss or manager is also involved in a project or the daily completion of tasks, employees are much less likely to find themselves preoccupied or distracted. Joining in on the process of working in everyday tasks and projects is also a way to connect and strengthen your bond with employees who work for you, which can help to keep them motivated and productive at all times, even when you are not around to supervise.

Check-In Periodically

Bosses who allow their employees to work at their own pace without any oversight are much more likely to encounter some form of productivity. Check-in periodically with each of your employees individually throughout the workday to ensure that they are on track with meeting any goals and deadlines they have in place. Additionally, checking in on employees is also a way to gain insight about the current pace in which each of your employees is working and whether or not there is room for improvement. Taking the time to check in on your employees is a way for you to discover how your workplace is run day in and day out.

Knowing how to spot, address, and tackle procrastination in the workplace is essential, whether you are an office manager or the owner of your own business. With the right approach, learn how to curb procrastination without upsetting employees while still providing a desirable work environment for all simultaneously.

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