Care giving not hang overs drive sickies

Employment Information

By Kate Southam

Caring for a family member and not a hang over is the most common reason behind taking a sickie for many people in Australia.

And most would use less sick leave if they could access flexible hours instead.

The latest Employee Insights Survey carried out by Robert Walters quizzed 700 people about the reasons they reported in sick when they were actually well.

Of those surveyed 47 per cent said they took a sick day to care for a family member or friend while only 8 per cent took a sickie to nurse a hang over.

Of the rest, 33 per cent admitted calling in sick to run personal errands and 28 per cent to take time out from their job known as a “mental health” day.

Robert Walters Managing Director – Australia James Nicholson says employers should review leave policies, educate staff about leave options and encourage

more open communication with staff to provide them with support when its needed.

The survey found that 63 per cent of those surveyed would take less sick days if they had more flexible hours. Of those surveyed, 25 per cent would like to

have the option of taking a mental health day to cancel out the need to call in sick. Only 10 per cent of employees called in sick because they disliked their job,

with 1 per cent taking a sickie because they disliked colleagues or management., April 2012

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