5 Reasons Your Job Ad is Attracting Fewer Applications

After publishing your job ad, if you are receiving a low response from qualified applicants, you may need to revise your listing. A few simple changes can make a big difference in reaching the right candidates and eliciting a timely response. Here are some things you can do in order to quickly and easily make your job ad more appealing.

A Lacklustre Job Description

A well-written job ad is critical for success. A description that is vague or boring may be one of the factors that deter desirable candidates from applying. In your job ad, explain key details about the required skills, experience, and education. List representative duties and what the work entails by using concrete nouns and action verbs. Provide a helpful overview without potentially confusing information that is unneeded initially. Accentuate career opportunities as part of the job and within the organisation that can be advantageous to prospective employees with relevant credentials.

Vague or Bland Terms

A mundane job ad will not attract attention and may be overlooked by job seekers. Your ad should be precisely and accurately designed to include specific descriptors and relevant buzzwords that will pique candidates’ interest. Include a succinct explanation of how the position can be a dream job or serve as a career stepping stone. The ad should highlight key features of the position that will invite suitable candidates to apply.

Failure to Target Specific Markets

Posting a job opening to the general public or on the company website will not reach a wide applicant market. The pool of potential applicants will be limited as a result. Instead, research the markets that may be particularly interested in and capable of doing the job that needs to be filled. Look for new, diverse markets with an untapped reservoir of possible employees for hiring. Professional journals, newspapers, trade magazines, and business publications are some of the most common publication options for widespread job ads. You may want to post your ad in publications that represent women and minority job seekers in particular.

Lack of Clear Application Guidelines

Some job ads include nebulous contact information or a website submission process that does not work consistently. Job postings should include clear, accurate information about how to apply for the position. An online application submission system should be checked periodically to ensure it is working correctly. A specific individual or department should be the contact person who receives applications and resumes to ensure a uniform and consistent process. The ad should indicate what is to be submitted as well as a deadline for doing so. Timing is a critical piece of the application process, so be sure the ad, when posted, offers enough time for applicants to organise and submit their materials to meet the deadline.

Hiring the most qualified applicant is the goal of every organisation. A polished job ad distributed electronically or in print as well as by using other media is one of the essential factors that lead to finding the right new hire. Take a closer look at your ad and where you publish it to see if it needs to be improved.



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