5 screening questions that will help you secure top talent

Interviewing candidates will never get old, however, doing it over the phone or in person will, especially in this day and age. With everything going virtual, video interviewing has become more and more popular. And with this, a series of the same, already decided, questions for each candidate is your best option to make the best decision of who to hire as quickly as possible.
You can pick questions that fit your business specifically, but here are 5 perfect questions to ask:

Question #1: “What Do You Enjoy Doing On Your Days Off of Work?”:
This may not seem like an important question, but it most certainly is. The hobbies of your employees may seem a bit boring but here are a couple of good reasons to find out what they do outside of work:
-Employees that have hobbies are often much happier, which can lead to a significantly more productive work environment.
-Hobbies can also reveal many different skills that turn out to be relevant in your specific workspace. For example, do any of your candidates take photos and videos in their spare time? If so, they could be quite useful later on if you wanted a youtube channel for your business or photos and videos for your website.

Question #2: “What Interested You About This Position?”:
Since we are all more productive when we are happy, it’s important to find out if your candidates are actually passionate about working for you. They may be qualified for the position, but do they have good intensions, or are they only interested in the paycheque? Ask them and pay close attention to how they respond. If they aren’t as passionate as you would like then it’s best to let them go and pick someone else for the position.

Question #3: “What Career Accomplishment Are You The Most Proud Of?”:
It’s quite important to gain more insight into your candidate’s work experience and there are many different ways that you can do it. You can ask them what duties they have performed in the past, you can personally ask their ex-bosses, or you can ask them what it was like to work at a specific company. But that’s not all, if you would really like to know how someone truly is, ask them what singular task they completed that they are the most proud of. If their answer has impressed you, then that is how you know you have foud a worthy candidate.

Question #4: “What Is Your Preferred Way To Work?”
Finding out how someone prefers to work can be slightly difficult because everyone works differently. The key is to give them more than one option instead of leaving the question open. Do they prefer working with others or on their own? Do they like to multi-task or tackle their tasks one at a time? Their answers are critical when selecting the best possible candidate.

Question #5: “How Do You Feel About Doing Things Outside of Your Job Description?”:
Job descriptions aren’t always completely accurate. Make sure to ask candidates if they are willing to go along with the constant changes in the needs of your workplace. Doing this will not only make you an honest employer by admitting that their duties can change, but employees won’t be as shocked later on!

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